ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Watch Exclusively ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 without Ads on PTCL “SHOQ”

Watching a cricket match with ads after every wicket or over is the worst experience for its viewers, do you want to get rid of it? Enjoy ad-free ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 live streaming on PTCL’s newly launched app under OTTP Plategorm SHOQ with full experience in High Definition (HD).

Cricket in Pakistan

Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of millions of fans across Pakistan and around the world. The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in the cricketing calendar, drawing immense excitement and fervor from fans of all ages. However, traditional television broadcasts often include frequent interruptions from commercials, disrupting the flow of the game and diminishing the viewing experience for many.

The decision to launch SHOQ reflects PTCL’s commitment to providing exceptional services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers. With this offering, PTCL aims to set a new standard for sports broadcasting in Pakistan, emphasizing quality and viewer satisfaction above all else. By prioritizing the interests of cricket fans, PTCL seeks to strengthen its position as a leading provider of telecommunications and entertainment services in the country.

PTCL SHOQ is now bringing an exciting display of live cricket streaming for its fans without interruptions like buffering, ads, and a seamless ultra-high definition of cricket with commentary. You can also watch digital field placement in World Cup 2023. You can watch field placements, discussions between the wickets, tea breaks, and exchange of communication between the wickets.

Die Hard Cricket Fans

Recognizing the need for a solution that caters to the preferences of die-hard cricket fans, PTCL has introduced SHOQ. This innovative service offers subscribers the opportunity to enjoy live coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 without any advertisements. By eliminating interruptions from commercials, SHOQ allows fans to immerse themselves fully in the excitement of the matches, ensuring that every moment is savored to the fullest.

Subscribing to SHOQ is a straightforward process, allowing fans to access ad-free coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 with ease. Interested individuals can inquire about subscription options and pricing through PTCL’s official channels, including its website, customer service hotline, and authorized retail outlets. Once subscribed, viewers can enjoy live matches, comprehensive highlights, and expert analysis without any interruptions, ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience from start to finish.

For the first time in history, any data network user can now enjoy Cricket World Cup 2023 on mobile or any portable device like a laptop, or desktop. PTCL SHOQ is also available on Google Play Store and App Store like other applications.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on PTCL SHOQ without Ads

To watch Cricket World Cup 2023 simply download the SHOQ app from the Google Play Store and start enjoying the World Cup in India, the prices are very remarkable and cheaper than other competitors like Tamasha, Tapmad, and Start Sports. Live streaming is available in high-quality content. 

You can easily choose the lite packages like weekly, monthly, and daily packages at the cheapest prices of pkr 08, pkr 42, and pkr 120. You can make payments through EASPASisa Ufone 4G recharge and Visa cards. Despite watching ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the subscriber can also watch the content of his choice, like entertainment, news, blockbuster movies, and seasons Hollywood studios like 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and Warner Bros. 

International TV Channels

It also has hosting rights to most watched international TV channels around the world like Pakistani channels, local and international channels, and Pakistani movies for entertainment and according to the needs of the family. 

PTCL, the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, has introduced a groundbreaking service known as “SHOQ,” aiming to revolutionize the way cricket enthusiasts experience the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. SHOQ offers an exclusive opportunity for fans to watch the tournament without the interruption of advertisements, ensuring an immersive and uninterrupted viewing experience.

In addition to offering ad-free coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, SHOQ may also include exclusive bonus features and content, further enhancing the value proposition for subscribers. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with players and coaches, or interactive fan experiences, SHOQ aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience that goes beyond traditional broadcasts.

In conclusion, PTCL’s SHOQ service represents a significant leap forward in sports broadcasting, offering cricket fans across Pakistan the opportunity to enjoy the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 without advertisements. By prioritizing viewer satisfaction and delivering a premium viewing experience, PTCL reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecommunications industry. As cricket fever continues to sweep the nation, SHOQ stands poised to become the go-to destination for fans seeking the ultimate cricket-watching experience.

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