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Jazz Internet Packages is an informational-based small website, mainly covering data packages across networks like Zong, Jazz, Warid, and Ufone as well as all the Internet Network companies like Get-links, Storm Fiber, Nayatel, Wateen, and many more. Currently, It will be covering Data Packages of all the networks present in Pakistan.

Data Packages included internet packages, call sim packages, on-net minutes as well as off-net minutes. and many more. All the packages included pricing with axes as well as the latest activation codes. but still, if you find some information regarding anything that is old and not working please feel free to contact us. Jazz internet packages will improve the package.

the website is unique and has a minimalist design, making it easy for every user to read fonts and styling.


Awais Saeed, an Electrical Engineer from Multan is the owner of the website. Currently, I am working as a WordPress website developer and designer on Fiverr as well as on Upwork. I was rewarded with a level 2 seller badge from Fiverr after completing 50 + orders and earning $2000. Now Alhamdulillah, I have completed over 70+ orders and 4.9/5 on Fiverr. I am working extremely hard to get the same rewards on Upwork as well. Furthermore, I will attach both of my account profiles below so you can get the inspiration and any help you want.

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well, my nickname is Moni, which you will see at the bottom of each blog page. As a starter in my career as a blogger I request you to visit my website regularly and let me know of improvements and as well as you find anything missing from the website do contact me through my WhatsApp number and other social icons on blog posts as well as below.

Future Projects for Internet Packages

Data packages or Jazz Internet packages will cover all the updates about Pakistan’s Telecommunication Industry, Pakistan Software Industry, and the Latest trends in the Manufacturing Industry like Auto or any other industry. you may think this website will be turned into an Informational-based as well as News News-based website in the future. In Sha Allah.

I am looking for very good cooperation between me and my users, I have added everything of your choice, after so much hard work and time. I hope you enjoy reading the website and getting the information you need.