Jazz Internet Packages 3 Days, Max Offer in rupees 60

If you’re interested in getting the Jazz 3 Day Internet Packages, you can choose between two options: the 3-Day Max Offer and the 3-Day Extreme Offer. Both packages are priced at cheap prices. For more details about this jazz internet package, you can find further information below.

Types of Jazz 3-day Internet Package

  • Jazz 3-Day Max Offer
  • Jazz 3-Day Extreme Offer

Jazz now offers 2 Jazz 3 day internet packages with MBs allocated for a specific 3-day validity period. Subscribing to the Jazz 3-day internet package jazz is a straightforward way to access the internet on Jazz’s 3G/4G network. Many people prefer to opt for the jazz net package for 3 days as they come with the highest incentive in terms of MBs for 3G/4G SIM users. 

This is the main reason why the quarter-day buckets are so popular. Despite the high MB benefits, the cost of subscribing to these buckets is relatively low. This means that users can enjoy Jazz net packages for 3 days of internet packages, and access for three days while also getting the most affordable data subscription. Check out our review of Jazz Call Packages 3 Day for more information. also try jazz internet packages for 70 rupees.

Jazz 3-day Maximum Offer

In order to avail of the 3 Day Max Offer Jazz, you must activate it by dialing jazz net pkg code *631#. This will provide you with 1000 MBs of internet data and 100 minutes of Jazz service for the following three days. The cost of the Jazz maximum bucket for a period of three days is 60 rupees.

Jazz 3 day Internet Packages

Jazz 3-day offer


Jazz to jazz minutes


Jazz internet package code


(Incl. Tax)

3-day Maximum offer

1000 (1GB)


3 Days



To check the status of the Jazz 3 day internet packages, and maximum offer, please dial Jazz 3-day maximum offer code *631*2#.

How to activate Jazz’s 3-day internet package?

To activate 

To check the remaining MBs



Terms and Conditions

  • These additional terms and conditions supplement the general terms and conditions that were approved by PTA and agreed to by the customer in CSAF/eCSAF during the activation of the connection/SIM.
  • Jazz has the authority to establish or modify the price or rate of any offer, package, or bundle, as well as withdraw, modify, or cancel such offer, package, or bundle at any time. If PTA’s regulations require it, affected customers will be given prior notice accordingly.
  • The charges for each Jazz 3 day internet packages or bundle will be subjected to all relevant taxes, if any, regardless of the location in which the offer, package, or bundle is activated or the service is utilized.

Jazz 3-day Extreme Offer 

The second package, Jazz’s 3-day internet package, only includes internet services that are available 24/7.  By subscribing to the Jazz 3-day Extreme, you can access 3 GB of internet for three days, with the distinctive feature being its daily operating hours from 2 AM to 2 PM. You can also get more MBs and free internet in Jazz for 80 rupees.

GB of Free Internet Data(2 AM – 2 PM)



(Incl. Tax)

3 GB

3 Days


This three-day internet package has fixed daily schedules. To activate the Jazz 3-day Extreme 3000 MB Offer, dial *114*14# and pay 30 rupees.

How to subscribe the jazz 3-day extreme offer?

To activate

Status of the remaining MBs



Terms and conditions

  • The price being offered includes any relevant taxes that may apply.
  • Dial the bundle status code for free to inquire about the remaining MBs and validity period.
  • The bundles require a manual subscription upon expiration and will not renew automatically. The internet offer is available for subscription and usage in areas with 2G/3G/4G network coverage.
  • The real speed of the internet connection is influenced by various factors such as the device used, the web pages visited, the time of day, the number of users connected simultaneously, and the distance from the 2G/3G/4G site.
  • This bundle will incur an overage charge of Re. 1/MB.

Enjoy Net 3G/4G

Pakistan’s telecom industry becomes speedier especially for Jazz after the implementation of new technology like 3G and 4 G. To check the speed of any network only for Jazz try any of the bundles mentioned above, like Jazz’s 3-day extreme offer and Jazz’s 3-day maximum offer.

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