How to send Balance using Jazz to Jazz Sim in Emergency

Quite a few times when in immense need we often suffer low balance situations where we need it the most, but using jazz is no more a tension because Mobilink Jazz is bringing jazz to jazz balance share code for its precious users to stay in touch even in emergency cases.

We usually require a balance to make phone calls, SMS, and perform other daily tasks that is why Jazz is providing support through a balance share scheme, by using this you can easily share 500 daily with only 7.50 including tax, tax per transaction. It is not a difficult process but sometimes it is difficult for new users, this is why we are providing the complete details in this blog. 

How to Share Jazz Balance Share Code?

You can only share your balance if the corresponding receiver is using the jazz number as well like it can only be shared from jazz to jazz. If you’re concerned about how to share the balance of jazz then this is the best blog. You only need to follow the procedure of balance share in jazz mentioned below in a step-by-step guide to avoid any mistakes. 

How to transfer balance from jazz to jazz?

For Sender

  • Please dial the code *100*03xxxxxxxxx*amount#.
  • Taxes: 7.50 including tax, per transaction.
  • Maximum transaction in one day: PKR 500
  • Minimum transaction in one day: PKR 15
  • Eligibility: Prepaid only
  • Helpline: Dial 111

For Receiver

  • If the receiver number is 0301-0000000.
  • Share 100 rupees on the number above.
  • Dial *100*03010000000*500#.
  • Simply dial 1 to Confirm.
  • Jazz will confirm through SMS.
  • YAHOO! Balance has been shared.

Using these simple unique steps you can easily share the balance of jazz with anyone you want. This feature is only available to Jazz prepaid customers, but Jazz is considering adding all types of customers to its list for this beautiful feature which they introduced during the ICC Cricket World Cup

jazz balance share code

Balance sharing using the Jazz World App

  • Download the Jazz World app using the Google Play Store app.
  • Select the jazz app and then balance share.
  • Fill in all the necessary details regarding jazz balance share.
  • Select the option Balance from your number.
  • Type the receiver number in the Send Balance To box.
  • Enter the desired amount.
  • Click okay or confirm.
  • SMS will be sent for PIN from Jazz.
  • Enter the PIN.
  • Once you enter your PIN, the amount will be transferred immediately to the receiver’s mobile.

Minimum Balance Share amount

You can easily share the amount up to Rs 15. this is the minimum amount you can send using under jazz balance share code.

Maximum Balance Share Amount

You can easily share the amount up to Rs 500. this is the maximum amount you can send under jazz balance share code.

Terms and Conditions

  • Enter the amount and receiver number carefully to avoid bad consequences.
  • This will work only on registered mobile numbers and SIM cards.
  • The jazz balance share is only applicable to jazz prepaid users only.
  • Rs 7.50 including tax, per transaction will be applicable.
  • In case you type the wrong number, the network will pay the amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can easily jazz balance share code using the Jazz Cash mobile app. If you are not willing to use the Jazz World app you can easily use the Jazz Cash app to send the balance to anyone like your friends and family.

  • The User Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#.
  • The User Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#.
  • Charges are Rs 8.60 pkr Incl+ tax)/Transaction.
  • The Share Limit Rs500/Transaction.
  • The maximum Shareable amount transferred per day is Rs.500.


This blog has been generated after so much consideration and the result of hard work, but still if you find any mistake or misleading information, please provide us feedback in the comments or just email using the Contact Us page.

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