jazz hourly internet package

1 GBs Jazz Hourly Internet Package Super Ghanta Offer

Are you interested in subscribing to Jazz hourly internet package for an hour only?  fast and furious pace easy to manage and at cheap prices. It was the utmost request of jazz internet users to have a package subscribed according to their needs, especially for 1 hour or for a few hours. 

Today jazz customers search on Google, daily internet, hourly Internet as well as one-hour internet package. Because of this user demand jazz mobilink have to launch its affordable jazz super ghanta offer bundle for seamless internet for the next hours. It is named as per the hourly internet package for Jazz 4G for the subscribers for the next hour at cheap prices.

One more thing about this bundle is its prices are fixed, no additional or hidden charges will be applied once you subscribed to this jazz 1-hour internet package. This is why Jazz is offering a variety of internet packages according to the needs of the customers. You can subscribe to any of the internet packages by scrolling rest of the my website and enjoying blazing the internet for the next 60 minutes. 

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

If you want to enjoy 1-hour internet package with Jazz and have a 3G, and 4G sim card then the jazz super ghanta offer is best for your choice. This is the only package in the market available right now providing 1 Hour internet package. The user just needs to dial the jazz super ghanta offer code *638# to activate the jazz super ghanta offer. 

With this package, jazz internet users can easily enjoy a cricket match, highlights, news, and fun with Facebook and Instagram reels, 1-2 episodes of the Famous Turkish series of Erutugral Ghazi, and much more of your choice.  In this article, I have explained how you can subscribe to this offer, with the help of the jazz super ghanta offer code as well as status and remaining Mbs code along with pricing and terms and conditions.

jazz hourly internet package






15 (Incl. Tax)


1 Hour

1000 MBs


This is the best Jazz 1 Hour internet package available right now, suppose you’re in a Zoom video call meeting or any online class, and suddenly you lost your landline or wifi internet. then what will you do? or in the second example if you’re writing a very important assignment with very less amount time remaining, or you lost connectivity in the middle of your favorite games. or you can enjoy Jazz Daily Internet Packages.

then Jazz is the only company in Pakistan that is giving you the opportunity to fill this space by immediately activating this bundle, using jazz super ghanta offering a jazz code of *638#, and getting connectivity again from where you lost it. This is why it is a common saying in jazz “Say to the world” or in Urdu phrase Dunta ko Bata Do.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Jazz hourly internet package is non-recursive, which means you need to subscribe to the jazz super ghanta offer again to use it. 
  • Unlimited data can be used using this bundle.
  • Government charges or taxes will be applicable.
  • The package cost around 20 pkr.
  • The super ghanta offer is only for jazz customers only.
  • Internet speed varies across devices, types of landline connection, and mobile speed.
  • Standard rates of taxes will be applicable, once the offer time of 60 minutes will be completed.
  • Usage of 1GB is fair, more applied with taxes.
  • Jazz hourly internet package can be used easily in 2G/3G/4G areas of the network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jazz internet users can easily subscribe to the jazz super ghanta offer bundle by dialing the super ghanta offer code *638#. The MBs will immediately be credited to your Jazz card account.

Jazz internet package users can easily check the status of the 1 Hour internet package by dialing *638*2#. 

Enjoy 4G Internet

This is the best offer which is allowing you to use the Internet for the next 60 minutes for video streaming, internet calling, video gaming, socializing, and much more. This is the cheapest internet package ever introduced by any telecommunication company in Pakistan. 

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