jazz internet package in 100 rupees

Jazz Internet package in 100 rupees Extreme Internet Bundle

Jazz 4G brings a very exciting and cheapest jazz internet package in 100 rupees made exclusively for jazz and warid users, which provides extremely fast internet. Named as jazz monthly extreme intranet bundle offer.  If you have only one hundred rupees in your mobile jazz balance then don’t worry this is the best option available for you. 

Introducing the captivating Jazz Internet Package, the ultimate gateway to a world of seamless connectivity and limitless possibilities, all at an unbeatable price of just 100 rupees! With this incredible offer, experience the true power of a high-speed jazz internet package in 100 rupees right at your fingertips.

Surf, stream, and socialize with unrivaled speed and reliability. Whether you’re a passionate music lover, an avid gamer, or a dedicated social media enthusiast, Jazz Internet Package in 100 rupees has got you covered. Stay connected with your loved ones, explore new horizons of knowledge, and indulge in immersive entertainment, all without worrying about your data limits.

Embrace the freedom of unlimited browsing, downloading, and streaming, all thanks to Jazz’s lightning-fast network. Experience the joy of uninterrupted streaming, lag-free online gaming, and swift downloads, making every digital adventure a memorable one.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Subscribe to Jazz Internet Package today and unlock a world of endless connectivity, all for just 100 rupees. Stay connected, stay entertained, and stay ahead with Jazz!

This is the newly introduced package of jazz, invented in 2023 providing 5000 MBs and 5 GBs for its previous users of jazz internet packages. It is a really exciting and affordable package available for 30 days period. It is also available for the same amount of money on different validities like daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. 

Jazz Monthly Extreme Internet Bundle

Jazz internet users will get a comprehensive 5 GBs of Data equivalent to 5000 MBs. 

jazz internet package in 100 rupees



Jazz free 5000 mb check code


100 pkr

5 GBs (5000 MBs)


30 Days

Terms and Conditions

  • This package is available only for jazz prepaid customers.
  • The Jazz monthly extreme internet bundle will be recharged automatically with an extra 5 rupees.
  • The bundle is valid only in the areas of 2G/3G4G areas.
  • 0.06 will be deducted for checking the status of the bundle.

Weekly Jazz 100 Rupees Package

To activate the weekly jazz internet package in 100 rupees, the price of this weekly jazz bundle is 156 pkr. 

jazz internet package in 100 rupees



Jazz Minutes



weekly internet package jazz code

Weekly Offer

12000 MBs (12 GBs)


7 Days

156 Incl. Tax


Internet for Less than Hundred Rupees (100) Rupees

Jazz is the only network in Pakistan that is providing fast and reliable internet across Pakistan for just rupees 100 or near to 100. So what are you waiting for? Jazz is the only fastest growing and mostly available network in Pakistan, convert your network to jazz and enjoy Jazz internet packages monthly, jazz internet packages weekly, jazz internet packages daily, and all other relevant packages at cheapest of the prices related to other networks of Pakistan like Ufone, Zong, and Telenor. 

Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer

Presenting you the latest jazz punjab haftawar offer, with your friends and family to serve the internet according to their needs. With the help of the jazz punjab offer, it is now possible to get the internet for the next 7 days. You will be getting a 10 GB of jazz internet package. Included 5 GBs or 5000 MBs from 2 AM to 2 PM. after dialing the jazz 10 GB package code. 

jazz internet package in 100 rupees

Activation Code







50 All Network Minutes

5000 SMS

10 GB including 5 GB 2 AM – 2 PM

7 Days

100 Incl. Tax

How to unsubscribe from Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer?

You can unsubscribe from the jazz punjab haftawar offer after dialing *307*4#. 

Terms and Conditions

  • You can subscribe to this offer multiple times.
  • By dialing the jazz 10 gb package code*307# users will be able to receive the jazz punjab haftawar offer.
  • There are no call setup charges applied.
  • Free data MBs are applicable in 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  • The offer can be changed whenever you want.

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