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Jazz Weekly all Network Packages 3 GBs in 260 pkr for 7 Days

If you’re looking for a relationship with your friends and family at this prestigious moment of Eid ul Azha or Eid ul Fitr, want to remain connected on long jazz calls, long-distance wants to cover with internet video calls offered in weekly all network jazz.

Jazz is fonder of bringing fantastic packages for its precious customers just like other ones, there is more in the jazz internet fleet called weekly all network jazz. It is fully allowing you to connect with your loved one with the help of Jazz Weekly all network package of jazz to jazz minutes, jazz to other minutes, SMS, and internet data. You can easily sort out your entire week with the help of Jazz Weekly all network pkg.

In this article, I have added the jazz Weekly all network details precisely and accurately with all the package details, jazz weekly all network code as well as the jazz weekly all network check code for all the customers who are looking for a jazz internet package weekly or monthly can get in this article easily with all the codes, hidden charges or charges included with taxes. 

Jazz weekly all network Package details

Jazz net package weekly users will be able to get 3 GB equivalent to 3000 MBs of internet Data, 1000 Jazz to Jazz Network minutes, 90 other Jazz to networks minutes, 1000 SMS, and much more in just 260 pkr included with taxes.  All these incentives will be applicable for 7 days only. There are bunches of exciting benefits in this jazz package internet. 

weekly all network jazz








260 (Incl. Tax)


7 Days

3 GBs



How to subscribe Weekly All Network jazz pkg code

You can subscribe to the weekly net package of jazz using jazz weekly all network pkg code of *700#. Validity of 7 days or weekly. To unsubscribe weekly all package jazz please dial the *700*4#. To know the status code of the weekly package of jazz please dial *700*2#. Weekly all network jazz information code is *700*3#. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can subscribe easily after dialing weekly all pkg codes of *700# and incentives will be immediately credited to your account with immediate effect.

Jazz weekly super plus is a 7-day package of jazz Internet, where customers can easily get 5000 on net-minutes, 120 of-net minutes and 10 GB of data, and much more. 

You can easily check the status of the jazz weekly net pkg, after dialing *505*2#.

Terms and Conditions

  • Subscription fees for Gwadar and Turbat are 365 included with taxes.
  • The offer is valid only for 7 days and you can subscribe using jazz package code *700#. And will expire after the 7th day of the calendar.
  • The bundle is non-recursive, which means customers have to dial *700# again to get this offer more than once.
  • All the benefits will be credited right after the activation and will be valid for 7 days only.
  • There is no time limit, you can use all of your data SMS, call, and other MBs at any time.
  • Data Mbs are available only for 2G/3G/4G customers.
  • To make calls you need to retain a balance of rupees 0.15 paisa.
  • Weekly all network jazz can be changed anytime, with prior notices to subscribed users.
  • Jazz weekly all network packages can be consumed at  2G/3G/4G areas of the network.
  • There is no time limit to use MBs, Calls, and SMS.
  • Multiple subscriptions to the jazz internet packages are allowed.
  • The internet speed may vary from device to device, depending upon weather conditions times the region as well as the number of users accessing the same page. 
  • Rs 5/MB with a speed of 512KB will be applicable in case of no internet package is active.
  • Call setup charges are not applicable in weekly all network jazz.


All the incentives and charges with their codes are taken from the Jazz official website, once they will update their incentives and charges we will do the same. We made this article after so much consideration and verification, this is the latest information available on the official website of jazz. But still, if you find anything misleading or not correct, please contact us through the WhatsApp icon you’re looking at on the right sidebar. Thank you!

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